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XINYU Adults Heart Shaped Inflatable Float Swimming Aids Pool Swim Ring Floaties Boat Summer Beach Lounger Toys Outdoor 47 x 39.4 inch (Rose Gold)

Price: $18.99
(as of Nov 10,2019 13:14:33 UTC – Details)

Item number: SA100126
Style: 120# Heart Shaped swimming ring
Size: Diameter: 120cm (47in);Height:100cm(39.4in)(Size might be slightly different due to the gas saturation and measurements.)
Material: PVC (Environmental protection, Compliance with ASTM, 3P-6P, European EN-71 safety standards)
Weight: 0.5kg
Color: rose gold
*Note: This product is not equipped with inflatable tools.
*Warning: Children should use the item in the whole process of the adult guardianship.

1. PVC inflatable products are airtight gasbag type structure, the use of soft and comfortable.
2. The configuration of the security gas filled valve (mouth), a full of gas that can exhaust used multiple times and durable.
3. Outgassing after folding packaging, light and convenient, easy to carry, store does not occupy a space. ( Allows inflation with hairdryer, toy air pump or compressor.)
4. Product surface is bright and smooth, easy to clean and sanitary.

The inflatable products have the following considerations when used in daily use.
1. Please do not approach sharp things, such as prickly plants or pointed stones or blades.
2. Do not use it as a lifesaving device.
3. Stay away from fire or hot items. Avoid alkaline medicines. Please put it somewhere that your kids or pets can’t touch it. Repair glue is a chemical material, don’t touch the eye or swallow it.
4. When the temperature is high, please don’t put inflatable products that inflated and turn off the valve in the car or tent.
5. Please don’t be exposed to the sun for a long time. UV rays will damage the surface of the material.
6. Remember don’t be too full, especially in the summer, please don’t be too severe jump on the product, or the product drawstring will overload and fracture, and caused bulge can not be repaired, as a result be scrapped.

MATERIAL – Environmental protection PVC, Conform with American ASTM, 3P-6P, GB-6675, European EN-71 safety standards.
REUSABLE – Inflatable and deflated fast after small volume, light weight, convenient folding, easy to carry, can be reusable.
Size – Diameter: 120cm (47in); Height:100cm(39.4in) (Fully inflated), Large size design can hold 2 adults, ; Weight: 0.5kg; Suitable: Adults, Children.
DESIGN – Huge Heart-shaped design is popular with people. With Rapid Valves more than 5x faster inflation (blow up) and deflation and can be ride on ridable Swimming pool and beach travel essentials in the summer.
Wonderful for your swimming pool party, beach party or Hawaiian Luau, corporate parties, weddings, birthday party, Summer vacation, Holiday, etc.

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