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WoW World of Watersports Coupe Cockpit Towable Tube, Front and Back Tow Points

Price: $98.74
(as of Nov 12,2019 03:58:29 UTC – Details)

From the manufacturer


About WOW

Founded in 2010 by industry leader Leroy Peterson, WOW is the source for all varieties of water inflatables- innovative products for enjoying the water in safe and adventurous ways. WOW has a huge inventory of water sports accessories that are available in an array of creative shapes and different sizes.

WOW World of Watersports Coupe Cockpit Towable Tube

Take a Ride in Style or Sit back and relax on this hybrid towable lounge

The Coupe Series is another WOW take on the old design. We took out the seat dividers on the basic cockpit tube so that we could add our drop bottom design.

This turns your basic cockpit tube into not only a towable that is fast and balanced over the wake and in the whips, but also a comfortable and relaxing floating lounge that will be just what you need after your exciting ride on the water.


Heavy-Duty Coupe Construction ensures Perfect Balance and Comfortable Seating

This coupe cockpit features heavy-duty tow system construction with partial nylon covers and PVC bladders that are great for towing, floating or lounging. This Coupe is an innovation of classic tube design that is sure to add a little flare, getting you all the attention when riding. Cockpit seating, a high back rest, and slanted leg drop design makes this towable one of the most comfortable rides you’ll ever sit in.


Attach the Coupe Cockpit to the Boat and Let the Ride Begin!

The Coupe cockpit is specially designed with a heavy-duty tow point that offers quick and easy access to attach the rope. The heavy-duty nylon covers and PVC bladders protect the coupe from getting damaged while riding





Glide across the wake

Drop Speed bottom allows for EZ fuel efficient towing with less drag on the boat.

HIGH VIS Graphics

The towable tubes feature high visibility colors like red, white and black which keep the riders and the tubes visible in the water.

Secure Cockpit Seating

Featuring high backrest and ergonomic slanted leg rest design for comfortable riding or lounging.

Safety Features

Heavy Duty Nylon cover featuring double webbing foam handles with EVA foam knuckle guards makes for a great river tube while lounging.


1 Person

1 to 2 Persons

1 to 3 Persons


57″ x 37″ x 26″

60″ x 58″ x 26″

81″ x 57″ x 26″

Heavy Duty Nylon Cover

Heavy Duty PVC Bladder

Speed Valve for Fast Inflation and Deflation

Secure cockpit seating with backrest and ergonomic slanted leg rest for comfortable riding or lounging
Drop speed bottom for easy, fuel efficient towing with less drag on the boat
Double webbing foam handles with EVA foam knuckle guards
Heavy-duty PVC bladders, speed valve with zipppered cover for fast inflation and deflation
Heavy-duty tow system construction featuring front tow point, heavy-duty partial nylon cover

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