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Why Choose a Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak

As someone who has spent a lot of time testing and paddling inflatable kayaks I can say with total certainty that not all inflatables are created equal. My own personal choice is the Sea Eagle inflatable kayaks. I own two of them, the Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack and the Sea Eagle 380 Explorer.

Why Use an Inflatable Kayak?

I have kayaked most of my life usually in a traditional hard-shell kayak. I purchased my first inflatable a few years ago for a number of reasons:

  • I live in a small condo and an inflatable is very easy to store (I keep mine in a closet)
  • It is highly portable and can be transported in the trunk of your car, on an airplane, in an RV and some are even light enough to be carried in a backpack!
  • It is easy care – besides drying it off and the occasional cleaning, there is nothing else to do
  • It is perfect for traveling and exploring new waterways
  • It is affordable

Why Did I Buy a Sea Eagle Kayak?

I did a lot of research on all the different kayaks before I settled on my first Sea Eagle kayak. There are some excellent manufacturers besides Sea Eagle including Advanced Elements, NRS, AIRE, Tributary, Innova and Airis. I looked at and considered each one of these manufacturers carefully.

In the end I chose Sea Eagle for three big reasons:

  1. Their inflatable boats are not top of the line but they are constructed extremely well and are very rugged and solid. They are known for being able to withstand a lot of abuse and that gave me confidence that I would not have to worry about punctures and repairs.
  2. Their kayaks are affordable. With several different models to choose from they have an inflatable kayak for every need and every budget.
  3. They offer an excellent three year warranty and 90 day no hassle returns. This is always good for peace of mind.

The bottom line was that although there are more specialized and higher-end models on the market their inflatable kayaks suited all my needs for recreational kayak use and gave me the versatility of using it in whitewater as well as on flatwater.

Just recently I have acquired my second Sea Eagle kayak because they came out with a new faster model that I thought would be ideal for lake and ocean paddling. It has succeeded my expectations and once again I am a thoroughly satisfied customer.

Whichever model and manufacturer you choose to purchase from be sure to read the consumer reviews as they will give you an unbiased report as to the pros and cons of each kayak.

Source by Allison Mac

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