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What Makes a Personal Pontoon Boat Great For Fishing?

Personal pontoon boats are probably the best boats for solo fishing. While some other more expensive boats designed for fishing may appear more appropriate a true fisherman must take many aspects into consideration.

When choosing the right fishing boat you must think first about price. What are you willing to spend? While flat bottom boats made for fishing can offer some great options they tend to be very expensive. The wonderful thing about personal pontoon boats is that they are relatively inexpensive to purchase. Another aspect of single person pontoons that makes them more economical is that they can be used for a variety of outings not just fishing. A flat bottom boat isn’t generally great for swimming. It can easily be overturned when exiting or entering the boat. Inflatable pontoon boats can act as a swimming platform as well as a personal fishing craft.

While it may seem that personal pontoons are only designed for “one man” there are several lines of these personal watercraft that have a two person seating option. If you plan on fly fishing from a personal pontoon boat you may not consider seating an option as it does limit your casting room on the watercraft. You may consider adding an optional docking station for a fish finder. Many fishing pontoons will also have other convenient options such as cooler storage areas and awnings. Depending on the type of fishing you’ll be doing from the craft you should consider these options wisely before choosing them.

One- or two-person boats can easily be controlled with an electric or gas trolling motor. They tend to do well even in shallow areas where larger boats would get stuck. They also are very stable in the water. If you are teaching a small child to fish a mini pontoon boat would be more of a realistic option then a flat bottom fishing boat.

Transportation of these small craft is also something to consider. Because personal pontoon boats are much smaller than other fishing boats they can easily be transferred from a trailer into the water. They also weigh considerably less than conventional craft. If you are planning to fish alone you will definitely need to take transportation into account. Maneuvering a flat bottom boat can be tedious and cumbersome. One person fishing pontoons can be lifted at one end and dragged across sand. This also makes docking your boat by pulling it ashore much easier as well. Folding pontoon boats are even easier to transport and can folded and transported in the trunk of a car.

Whether you’re new to fishing or you’re an experienced angler you can see that personal pontoon boats beat out the competition in every aspect. Always consider local and state boating licenses when choosing a craft and make sure you adhere to these rules. You may also want to ask your local park ranger for suggestions on which type of boats work best in the area you would like to fish.

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