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Seamax Inflatable Boat Cover, B Series for Beam Range 4.7′ to 5.2′ (FEET), 5 Sizes fits Length 8.3′ to 11.5′ (FEET)

Price: $80.00
(as of Nov 07,2019 11:26:52 UTC – Details)

SEAMAX BOAT COVER MODEL CHECKLIST (BOAT # — COVER #): –ACHILLES LT2-A265 LT4-B295 LS2-A240 LS4-B270 LEX: LEX77-B255 LEX88-B270 LEX96-B295 LSR: LSR290-B320 LSR310-B350 LSI: LSI230-B255 LSI260-B295 LSI290-B320 LSI310-B350 LSI335-C360 LSI365-C420

SPD: SPD290-B320 SPD310-B350 SPD335-C390 SPD365-C420 RIGID HB-FX: 270FX-B295 300FX-C330 RIGID HB-LX: 240LX-B255 280LX-C300 315LX-C360 350LX-D400 RIGID HB-DX WITH SEAT & CONSOLE: HB280DX-C330 HB315DX-C360 HB350DX-D400 FOLDABLE: SG124-C390 SG140-D430 SG156-D500 SU14-D430 SU16-E500 SU18-E600 *

— MERCURY DINGHY: 200-A210 240-A240 270-A265 ROLL UP: 240-B270 SPORT & ADVENTURE SPORT: 240-B270 270-B290 310-B320 340-B350 AIR DECK (PVC/HP): 240-B270 270-B290 310-B320 340-B350 DYNAMIC: RIB260-B295 RIB280-B320 RIB310-B350 RUNNER: 300-C330 350-D400 430-D470 HEAVY DUTY: 380-D430 430-D4500 AMANZI: 350-D430 400-E460 *

— SEAMAX AIR: 230-A240 270-B270 320-B320 HD: 330-B350 360-C390 380-C420 430-D470 470-D500 OCEAN: 290-B295 320-B320 380-C390 430-D430 OCEAN-T: 380T-C390 430T-C430 500T-E500 SPORT EMARINE: 240-B240 270-B270 305-B320 365-C360 420-D430 *

— ZODIAC PROJET: 350TC4-D400 420TC4-D430 YACHTLINE DELUXE: YL340DL-C390 YL380DL-C420 YL420DL-D500 YL470DL-E550 YL530DL-E600 CADET: RIB220-B255 RIB260-C300 RIB310-C360 RIB340-D400 COMPACT: COMPACT250-C300 COMPACT300-C330 CADET FASTROLLER ACTI-V: FR285-C330 FR325-C360 FR360-C390 CADET ROLL UP: 200-B255 240-V270 260-B295 CADET SOLID: 260S-C300 285S-C330 310S-C360 340S-D400 CADET AIRLITE: 240-B270 260-C300 ZOOM: 230-A265 260AERO-B295 260S-B295 310S-B350 350S-C420 BOMBARD TYPHOON ROLL-UP/AERO: 200-A210 235-A240 265-A265 310-B320 360-c360 *


MOTOR WELL STYLE & TRAILERABLE – Our boat cover should be able to cover your boat and the motor. Fabric Specs – Water and UV resistant; Density 600D/260g/SQM. Elastic string design for quick fitted and released, Multiple Tie-Down Loops built-in, free cover carrying bag included. Max trailer Road Speed 65km / hour (40mile / hour), additional tie-down core will be required.
FULL SUPPORT – Seamax inflatable boat covers have 6 series and overall 25 models. Our boat covers can fit the inflatable boats from 6.5ft to 20ft. Each series includes couple of sizes for different tube styles & boat length. Our boat cover sizes under a same series should be with the same width. The bow style will not affect the cover size in most cases.
MODEL CHECK LIST – If you have an Achilles, Mercury, Seamax or Zodiac inflatable boat, you can find your boat cover model from below Check List. Factor in the dimensions of additional features or boat style could affect the cover such as rounded pontoon cone end or tall center console. Please allow a few inches of additional length to fit your additional boat equipment when picking the cover.
If you pick a wrong size boat cover, that is no problem, we have our Express Replacement service to help you out from this issue. You can let us know your boat model, dimensions, pictures & with a short description. We will ship you a new model including an UPS return shipping waybill. Additional cost may be applied.

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