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RIBS – Flexible Speedboats

Until recently I was a lover of all things land, that was until I sampled the delights of a RIB.

A RIB for the uninitiated is a Rigid Inflatable Boat, to digress further it means the boat has a fixed hull and is buoyant from the use of inflated air tubes that run parallel along the sides of the vessel.

So is a RIB any different to a traditional speedboat? In many ways yes, but the most essential aspect to a RIB is its speed so in effect it can come under the category of a speedboat.

RIBs are crafts that can be utilised in many weather and sea conditions; RIBs provide a fast ride, which is safe as much as it is exhilarating.

RIBs can attain speeds of 70MPH; the flattish hull skims the surface of the sea whilst powerful engines thrust the craft forward over the water. As the speed builds on a rib it’s hull lifts from the water, the effect is less drag and quicker speeds.

What can you do with a RIB?

Virtually anything you want, RIBs can be used for a number of water sports including waterskiing and wakeboarding.

Leisure trips are easy to make, from the South of England it is easy to make the Isle of Wight, France or Jersey and Guernsey. Imagine taking your RIB for a ride to France where you enjoy lunch, stock up on cheap fruit, your favourite cheeses, wines & beers.

RIBs are so robust they can ridden ashore allowing you to find secluded picnic spots, plus many RIBs also come with sunbathing areas which allows you to simply moor the craft safely and enjoy the sunshine away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life.

Surprisingly enough there is a great deal of storage in a RIB, from life jackets to a change of clothes to picnic baskets, bags, cameras etc, most RIBs have been well designed to maximise the available space

Onboard Safety

Ribs are extremely safe; fitted with hi-tech GPRS satellite tracking and sophisticated sonar equipment you will always know where you are in your RIB, along with radio communication to the coastguard, going out and enjoying yourself in a RIB should not be a danger.

Of course the wearing of a life jacket is a must whenever you venture on a small craft into a sea or river; sadly there are all too many people who choose to ignore this crucial safety factor.

Who uses RIBS?

RIB’s are widely used by a number of organisations including The Royal Navy, the RNLI. Royal Naval commandos are frequently seen using RIB craft whilst exercising their duties including their pursuit of drug runners; more sombrely, RIBs are used by terrorist organisations for their speed and agility.

RIB mooring

Unlike conventional speedboats, RIBs have a distinct advantage; they do not need to be moored. This can save much money just in mooring fees alone. Whilst a RIB can be moored, a RIB can also be attached to a trailer and parked securely on dry-land storage such as a drive or backyard. This alone is one of the principle reasons many speedboat owners are taking RIBS ever more seriously.

If you are looking for a speedboat it is certainly worth your while experiencing a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB).

Source by Lee Colbran

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