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Popular Inflatable Kayak Models

I have been happily paddling in my inflatable kayak, the Sea Eagle 380X for quite some time. In my pursuit of hoping to encourage others to try an inflatable kayak or at least to get out on the water and paddle some type of self-powered boat I began an inflatable kayaking blog.

Over the course of the last year I have noticed a definite trend in which models of kayaks are more popular than others. Keeping in mind that these statistics are strictly taken from my own little blog, as well as through my own experience, here is what I have discovered …

Popular Inflatable Kayaks

The three most popular brands seem to be Sea Eagle, Advanced Elements and Sevylor with a spattering of the other brands here and there.

Below is a list of 15 models that we have noticed to be very popular.

  • Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Convertible – very popular tandem model
  • Sea Eagle Explorer kayaks – 340x, 380x, 420x – extremely versatile and rugged
  • Innova Sunny – lightweight and fast, ideal for flat water
  • Sea Eagle FastTrack – fast, rugged and extremely versatile
  • Sea Eagle Sport kayaks – 330 and 370 – good for beginners
  • Sevylor Pointer K2 – quality not as good as others but popular none the less
  • Airis Play – excellent surf kayak
  • Sevylor XK17 – built for the ocean and can hold several people
  • Advanced Elements Advanced Frame – very popular solo model
  • Sevylor Colorado – fun inflatable canoe for a good price
  • Aire Lynx I & II – very high quality whitewater kayaks
  • Advanced Elements StraitEdge 1 & 2 – middle of the road whitewater kayaks
  • Aire Super Lynx – versatile, tough and comes with phenomenal warranty
  • Advanced Elements Expedition – great for all around paddling
  • Innova Helios II – excellent for traveling, ocean and lake kayaking

What Exactly are People Looking for in an Inflatable Kayak?

Looking at this list I would venture to say that many people are looking for a boat that costs under a thousand dollars that is versatile enough to handle different types of water … but nothing too extreme and can hold more than one person.

From whitewater kayaks to flat water inflatable kayaks, tandem to solo models, heavy to light … there is so much too choose from. No matter what your needs are and what you are looking for in a kayak, you will likely find one that will satisfy you completely.

The most important thing I would suggest is to read the reviews and find out what others are saying about the different inflatable kayak models. Then make a choice and get out and enjoy the water while the sun is shining!

Source by Claire Johnson

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