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NRS Kayak Review – The Pros and Cons

NRS kayaks have been around for over 30 years and have been a major brand name in the inflatable kayak market since the beginning. NRS began designing their kayaks for people who were passionate about whitewater paddling, wanted a rugged and sturdy boat but didn't want to completely empty out their wallets. They make river running kayaks that are fun and completely user-friendly.

At the moment NRS has five different whitewater inflatable kayaks that they offer.

NRS Bandit I – The cool thing about the Bandit is that it is made with environmentally friendly material. Hopefully more inflatable kayaks will lean towards this as well. The Bandit is extremely light weight and truly ideal for any type of traveling. It is best suited for a smaller person. This is a fun little kayak for enjoying some nice river runs.

NRS Bandit II – This is the two person version of the Bandit. It may also be a better choice for someone who is a little taller or larger as it has a bit more room. It can handle up to class IV rapids.

NRS MaverIK – The Maverik is best suited for class I or II rapids. It is more of a beginner whitewater kayak that is very stable and also tracks fairly well on flatwater. This inflatable kayak is not suitable for any major whitewater tricks like rolling. It comes with a phenomenal ten year warranty.

NRS MaverIK II – This is the two person version of the Maverik and also comes equipped with the excellent ten year warranty. It offers a little more leg room and great stability. It is best suited for calm rivers and flatwater paddling. It is not a high performance whitewater kayak.

NRS MaverIK Performance – Now this is the real performance kayak that NRS offers. Weighing only 31 pounds it comes with thigh straps and foot braces. It is equipped to perform and you will not be disappointed. It is very rugged and sturdy and also comes with a ten year warranty.

There are good and bad points to each and every one of these models but I will list some basic pros and cons of NRS kayaks in general.

Pro NRS Kayaks

  • Solid construction – they can take a beating and hold up nicely
  • All of their kayaks are super fun to use and great for all skill levels
  • The Bandit I & II is made with environmentally friendly materials.
  • They are much more affordable than say their biggest competitor Aire kayaks.
  • Their kayaks have some of the best warranties in the business.
  • NRS is completely committed to making sure that their customers are happy and satisfied. This very much comes across when doing business with them.
  • The kayaks are light weight and perfect for traveling and easy storage.
  • Each boat performs differently – there is something for everyone.

Against NRS Kayaks

  • Though they are trying hard, they still do not compare to the ultimate quality of the Aire Kayaks (however they are much more affordable)
  • Their kayaks tend to not have a lot or room for storage.
  • Most of their kayaks are purely for rivers and will not perform well on flatwater – they can get blown around in high winds.
  • Their solo kayaks are really suited best for a smaller person – they are not large kayaks.

All that said and done the bottom line is that NRS makes great inflatable kayaks that are designed for pure river fun. They have excellent warranties and will last for a very long time. NRS knows their stuff and hopefully they will continue to make their kayaks affordable and easy to use. They are very popular boats and will likely be around for at least another 30 years.

Source by Claire Johnson

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