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Fly Fishing Inflatable Float Boats – Maintenance and More!

One of the main benefits of fly fishing inflatable float boats is how lightweight and portable they are. You can take them practically anywhere, even on an airplane. Of course, if you do not keep good care of your fly fishing inflatable float boats, they will not last quite as long as you would hope. So, it is definitely worth the little extra effort it takes to maintain and care for your boats.

To ensure that your fly fishing inflatable float boats last as long as possible, here are some tips:

· When transporting your inflatable float boats, be sure that they are cleared of any sand or mud. You do not want anything rubbing against and through the material of your boat. Also, try to put your boat on top of your load: avoid placing any heavy objects on top of your boat that might wear through it. Any areas that you are worried about wearing through, pad with soft objects. Even a simple towel can help out a lot.

· When transporting your fly fishing boats by airline, place them in bags or wrap them with a tarp for added protection. It is also a good idea to box it. Then just cross your fingers and hope the airline handles it well!

· When on the river, try to avoid places wear wave action can cause wear on your boat as it goes over rocks.

· Watch out for sharp rocks!

· Fully inflate your float boats. They will take a lot more abuse when they are not inflated fully.

· Before storing your fly fishing inflatable float boat, be sure to wash it off with soap and water. This will get rid of food particles that could attract hungry rodents (and they do not mind eating through your boat!).

· Use something like 303 protectant (do not use a silicone base protectant) to reduce dry abrasion wear on your boat.

· Cover your boat to protect it from UV rays.

· Store your boat in a cool and dry place, and before inflating your boat, allow it to warm up.

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