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If you are wondering what to do with your boat accessories, specifically boat fenders, and how to store all that "stuff," listen up to the following suggestion.

Storage on boats is always a challenge. There are storage compartments under bench seats, under single seats, in a side hole, or if your boat is large enough, there may be a storage locker or closet. Of course, there is usually somewhere to put your boat accessories: boat fenders, towels, tools, spare engine parts, anchors and an extra propeller; but let's face it, boat accessory storage is at a premium.

The trick is to own the type of boat accessories which respect economy of space. Not everything can be broken down and folded up, but you can think ahead before purchasing your boat fenders and other accessories. Now, at the beginning of the boating season, is the best time to prepare, look at the overall picture, and get organized. You want space for your passengers and their gear to be a priority, not have your boating accessories take up all of your people space.

Let's look at Boat Fenders. You need them, of course, but do you need them all the time? No. Are you tired of them taking up so much space or rolling around on the floor? Yes, of course. The solution is to have boat bumpers you can deflate, compact and store in a small space like the new Inflatable / Defensively Boat Fenders from Boat Bunkers. These boat bumpers are truly space saving and convenient.

Boat Bunkers Inflatable Boat Fenders are made of a high-impact absorbing material. They inflate in seconds with just a few strokes of the hand or foot pump through a high-volume, one-way recessed valve for the occasions when you need them. Now here's the beauty of it. When you're done using your boat fender, simply unscrew the cap. It instantly deflates and you can roll it up. You can fit four boat fenders and the pump in the compact tote bag which comes with the set. They can match your boat with a variety of available colors which include black, dark blue, light blue, red and green. They come in four sizes of small, medium, large and extra large. The extra large boat bumper inflates with a handy foot pump. These boat bumpers are great quality, come with a heavy-duty abrasion-resistant cover, a built-in strap and buckle for convenient attachment to your boat, and have a manufacturer's Lifetime Guaranty. The whole "kit," which includes four boat fenders, the pump and tote bag, starts at only $ 79.96 for the small size, a very affordable package price.

I use these boat fenders myself and really feel they are an asset no boat owner should be without. I am a big believer in anything useful which is more efficient, compact, and space-saving. These boat fenders really fit that bill and are just what you need this season to make your life a little easier. Including these boat fenders in your boat accessories list will improve your boating experience simply because you are saving space.

Source by Andrew Dvorak

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