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Are Dinghies Safe?

Dinghies are often used as family boats or boats that parents use to teach their children more about boating and steering a boat so of course parents want to know if dinghies are really safe. Inflatable dinghies are some of the safest boats on the market, so if you're using an inflatable dingy you don't need to worry as much about your kids' safety although you should always keep an eye on the kids when you have them near the water.

Inflatable dinghies are safer than traditional hard dinghies for a couple of reasons. One reason is because of the way that inflatable dinghies are constructed. The inflatable cells keep the boat on the surface of the water. A traditional dinghy rides a little bit below the water which makes it more likely to swamp or tip.

The inflatable dinghy also distributes all the weight inside the boat evenly throughout the surface of the water making the boat incredibly stable. If you have ever tried to stand up or move around in a traditional dinghy you know how perilous that can be. One shift of weight that is too quick and you'll all be swimming, but that doesn't happen in an inflatable dinghy.

Because they are so stable and the inflatable cells are so good at weight distribution when a child climbs on the boat or bounces around the boat as children tend to do instead of that weight and motion causing the boat to tip or swamp the weight and motion are absorbed by the boat and distributed through the boat so that the boat stays steady and doesn't tip or swamp.

Another feature that makes dinghies safer than other boats is their large capacity. Traditional hard dinghies usually can't carry that many passengers or that much gear because of the way that the boat sits in the water. Having too much weight on board makes the boat more likely to tip or swamp. But some inflatable dinghies can carry up to 1,600 pounds in either passenger or cargo weight. So you can fit a lot of people and a lot of cargo safely on an inflatable dinghy.

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