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An Outline Of Major Types Of Fishing Boats

Fishing boats are available in a wide variety of types and styles, and are categorized by size, design, seating, and the material from which they are made. Each of these things contributes to the type of fishing the boat is suited for, and understanding the different types of fishing boats is important for anyone considering buying a boat.

Aluminum boats usually are available in fourteen or twenty-two foot varieties and can accommodate two or three people. These fishing boats are available in various models, such as flat or v-bottom, with casting decks. Basically the decision can be made based on personal preference and budget.

Fiberglass boats for recreational use are usually between fifteen and thirty feet in length, and are designed for speed and endurance. They are preferred by fishermen who also want a speedy boat. However, repairs to fiberglass boats can be difficult if anything happens to your boat, and they are heavier than aluminum.

Some boats are designed as multipurpose fishing boats, capable of adapting to either freshwater or saltwater conditions. These are great for a fisherman with diverse interests, or someone who lives near both the coast and freshwater.

Bass boats have a low and sleek profile, designed for fishing with two or three anglers on board. These boats can be as long as twenty-six feet, and are specifically designed for bass fishing, which is considered an important type of specialized fishing.

There are even folding boats, inflatable boats, and other less sturdy boats, but more portable for the fisherman who wants a less expensive, adaptable boat. These boats do not have the durability of sturdier craft, but can be used in calm waters with good results.

Sport fishing boats are great for anglers who are after large fish, as the boats are often equipped with sleeping compartments, a galley for cooking, full plumbing, and the capacity to stay out in the water for days. That makes a longer fishing expedition possible, and even more enjoyable.

Walk about boats are larger fishing boats, popular in coastal waters, large bays, or the Great Lakes area. These are used primarily for anglers who are fishing for salmon or other ocean species, and have rod holders and other accoutrements that make it easier to follow a big fish and reel the large trophy catch in.

No matter what kind of fishing you plan on doing, you can find a recreational boat that will suit your interest. In addition, all of the boats come in a variety of sizes and price levels, so you are sure to find the right craft, giving you the perfect weekend vessel.

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