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Types of Kayaks

You'll agree with me every sport requires a gear designed for it. This is no exception with kayaking. However, there are many different types of kayaks available in the market today and makes it hard for you to choose the right one. Just take a moment and read on for some helpful tips on basic things you ought to know about kayaks.

Their origin is traced to be Eskimos from green land and Alaska. They are basically small boats with a similar structure as a canoe. Their main difference with canoes is that paddlers legs are hidden inside, they've pointed bows and sterns and they're fully covered except for the cock pit.

In the past, they could only accommodate one paddler but today's there are different types that accommodates one to four paddlers at a go. Kayaks are classified into three categories depending on their structure ie rigid, folding and inflatable. Rigid are made of fiberglass, plastic, wood or Kevlar. Plastic ones are tough and long lasting while fiberglass are light weight.

If you want a portable one and easy to store, folding ones caters for this though you have to dig deeper in your pocket. However, the price is worth it. They are made of aluminum or wood. Inflatable on the other hand are easy to carry, they are made up of PVC so all you need to do pressure with help of a pump and you are good to go kayaking. They are mostly suitable for calm waters and rivers. One thing to note is that paddling one require more effort and are a bit slower. But worry not, the thrill and experience is amazing.

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