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Small Fishing Boats – Uses And Varieties

A small fishing boat—is a pretty generalized term for the vessels that range from a variety of types of boats. Some include in their folds the small canoes or kayaks sailing in the Amazon or vast regions of South Asian coasts to gigantic, well-equipped fishing trawlers that operate on the seacoasts of developed economies like Japan.

These days you can find a variety of fishing boats that serve unique purposes. Whether it be fishing in particular places such as sea, lakes, rivers or other entrapments, there is always a need for a boat. The small, light weight boats are not only used for fishing alone; they are also used for recreations and fishing tournaments. While the specialized fish catching vessels are the interest of commercial fishing operators, the amateur and part time fishermen look for the small fishing boats.

o These small fishing boats are ideal for the fishing in relatively shallow waters, often in sight of land.

o Just like the huge fishing vessels, the small fishing boats also require constant navigation and communication.

o Naturally these boats comprise a small crew–not more than two in most of cases. All aspects of the fishing operation are carried on by this small crew. From placing the net to finally gathering the catches—all jobs are done by these one or two crew members.

o The fishermen in small fishing boats use a wide variety of hand-operated equipment such as nets, tongs, rakes, hoes, hooks, and shovels. All this equipment is used to gather fish and shellfish; catch amphibians, reptiles, frogs and turtles. The small fishing boats sometimes even engage in harvesting marine vegetation such as Irish moss and kelp.


As said earlier, today the fishing enthusiasts are given a great choice in regards to fishing boats. In addition to the small bass boats and Jon boats, the kayaks, float tubes, inflatable pontoon boats and water skis are the other varieties of these small boats.

Jon Boats

They are never more than 10 to 18 feet in length, but they are the best value for money of fishing boats. Generally with a V-shaped design these small fishing boats have allow for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Bass Boats

While negotiating very thin water, these compact boats provide the fishermen most economical alternative. The size usually varies between 9.5 feet to 12 feet. You can add a number of equipment and electric motor too. These sleek boats however, can not accommodate more than two anglers at a time.

Various boat shows can become your resource for learning about the different varieties of small fishing boat models manufactured by such renowned companies like American Boat Manufacturing, Inc., Albin Marine, Godfrey Marine or Pro-Line Fishing Boats.

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